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About Hoe

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About the Sickle Section Hoe
I was born and raised on a farm in Missouri (in the 30s)... in my young adult life, my wife and our 4 girls lived on a small farm near Council Bluffs Iowa... this was my hobby farm since I was a salesman selling data collection equipment to manufacurers all over Midwest area. With 40 acres of dirt and 4 girls with not enough to do, we always had a large garden... the hoes of the day were... well - crap!..  being a farm boy and having put up lots of hay, I had the idea of replacing the hoe blade with a sickle section blade... I had a shop cut off the cheap, "tinny" blade and weld on a sickle section... worked for me, so I figured it may work for a lot of folks... it has.

Being familiar with manufacturing and such processes, I bought hoes from Menards in discounted bulk quantity and had the shop weld on sickle sction blades... that is the story.... if you need more, then Contact Me
Eddie Barnett

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